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TapRite Ball Lock Easy Keg Conversion Kit

If you are one of many home brewers that would love to serve their delicious beers in a commercial keg kegerator, then look no further than the TapRite Ball Lock Easy Keg Conversion Kit (43-0110-00). This easy-to-use conversion kit allows you to hook up your commercial kegs and home brew Cornelius kegs to the same kegerator for convenience. Now your home brews can stay chilled while serving your friends, family, or yourself! This kit can only be used for systems with a 7/16" gas and beer lines.

This kit includes the following parts: one (1) GB gas socket with 7/16" male fitting, one (1) GB beer socket with 7/16" male fitting, one (1) 1" hex beer nut, one (1) rubber beer washer, two (2) 7/16" male fitting beer stems, two (2) 1/4" barb fittings with 7/16" female nuts, two (2) flare washers, and two (2) hose clamps. All of these parts are ideal to help you fit your home brew keg into the kegerator and get to enjoying your home brew on draft!

  • Ideal for 3/16" I.D. Lines:

    While the barb fittings are designed specifically for 3/16" I.D. lines, they can be installed in lines ranging from 3/16" to 9/16" O.D.

  • Conversion:

    This kit helps to convert commercial kegerators into home brew kegerators that can hold both Cornelius and commercial kegs

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