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Brand: Flojet

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Comes standard with two combination 3/8” - 1/2” barbed inlet and outlet nipples, 1/4” barbed gas inlet nipple and 1/4” barbed gas outlet.
3-1/4” W x 4-3/4” D x 6” H

Beer Pump & F.O.B Facts
· Pumps may drive beer up to 600 ft. from keg to faucet.
· Secondary Regulators maintain proper CO2 level in kegs .
· Beer pumps must be installed within 15 ft. of kegs.
· Beer pumps capable of delivering beer vertically up to 100 feet in a single line.
· Beer pumps help maintain the brewers recommended applied pressure on the beer over short, long, horizontal or vertical runs.
· Important: Gas exhaust from beer pumps must be vented from walk-in cooler to a well ventilated area outside the walk-in cooler.
· F.O.B's shut-off pump and will cut the beer flow as soon as foam is detected from an empty keg.
· F.O.B's installed in a draft beer system will reduce beer waste and increase beer profits by keeping the beer lines full instead of filling with foam.
· Keeping lines full of beer eliminates the need to refill the lines and purge the system with beer when tapping a new keg, thus reducing beer waste.

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