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Are you looking for the perfect cleaning kit to keep your beer equipment in tip-top shape? Look no further than the Complete Economy Cleaning Kit 32 Oz Bottle from Wholesale Beer Parts! Perfect for commercial breweries or just general upkeep of your favorite brew equipment, this superior all-in-one kit includes everything you need! You’ll get a two-quart plastic jar and pump assembly, a 1350 Faucet Wrench, a 1329-34 Faucet Brush, a 32 oz Bottle of BLC Liquid Cleaner with EDCK-32, a Coupler Ball Lifter, 1 foot of 5/16” Clear Vinyl Beer Line with 254 Straight Cleaning attachment and a 753 Rubber Washer, plus an instruction manual. Keep it stocked and easily accessible so that you can take care of any unexpected spills quickly! Make sure you always use the best cleaning products to keep your favorite beers tasting great each time by picking up the Complete Economy Cleaning Kit 32 Oz Bottle today - satisfaction guaranteed!

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