With more and more restaurants and bars reopening, it’s never been more important to provide an atmosphere that’s safe, clean and consistently inviting. And as anyone will tell you, there’s nothing quite as discouraging as having to deal with fruit flies, gnats and other bothersome insects while trying to sip a drink or enjoy your meal. Fruit Fly Bar Pro is an innovative pest control system designed exclusively for bars, clubs, restaurants and other establishments subject to yeast-producing areas.

Using Fruit Fly Bar Pro to Control Pests at Restaurants and Bars

Unlike traditional fly strips, which are ridiculously messy, sticky and a complete pain to deal with, Fruit Fly Bar Pro emits safe, undetectable vapors that interact with pests’ nervous systems and rendering them lifeless. Here are just a few of the many reasons why more bars and restaurants trust Fruit Fly Bar Pro to eliminate this all too common annoyance.

  • Eliminates fruit flies and many pests known for affecting bars and restaurants

  • Essential for controlling insects attracted to yeast-producing feeding grounds

  • An innovative pest control system requiring no messy strips to hang or remove

  • Ideal for bar and tap areas, bathrooms, mop closets, floor drains and others

  • Unlike fly strips, Fruit Fly Bar Pro can be resealed and reused when needed

  • Releases safe, odorless vapor that’s virtually undetectable to humans and pets

It only takes one uncontrollable bout of fruit flies to permanently discourage a customer or group from ever returning to your establishment. If you’re looking for an effective and uncomplicated way to safely eliminate the problem, Fruit Fly Bar Pro is an excellent solution. It’s one of our best-selling pest control products here at Wholesale Beer Parts, and we offer them at a great price directly through our website. For more information, get in touch with our staff and we’ll be happy to help!

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