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Brand: National Chemicals

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The Ice Machine Cleaner- 16 oz: your sidekick for tough ice machine cleaning jobs! We’ve made it easy to blast away hard water build-up, lime scale and algae growth with IMC-16— just a few simple applications and your ice machine will be as good as new. Forget the watermarks and scattered scales—this nickel-safe formula will keep your ice machine spotless and you happy. It’s so easy to use; just apply the IMC-16 to the surfaces, let it sit, and rinse off. No more heavy scrubbing and elbow grease—with the Ice Machine Cleaner- 16 oz, you’ll get the job done in a much more efficient and effective manner. So, don’t let dirty ice machines cramp your style, keep your cooler looking cool with the Ice Machine Cleaner- 16 oz from Wholesale Beer Parts today!


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