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Keep any space spick and span with Q.A. Concentrated Solution from Wholesale Beer Parts! This economical all-purpose sanitizer, disinfectant, and deodorizer can be used on most hard surfaces, including floors, walls, counters, bathrooms, cabinets, and more. It’s perfect for use in public spaces – restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, and institutions – and is even great for sanitizing ice machines. Plus, it’s highly concentrated so you get more bang for your buck. All it takes is just 1/4 oz per gallon to sanitize food contact surfaces, and only 3/4 oz per gallon to sanitize and deodorize hard surfaces. Q.A. Concentrated Solution is even effective against the Hepatitis B Virus and HIV-1 Virus. Get your area germ-free in no time with this magnificent multi-purpose cleaner. Mixing instructions to make a disinfectant with greater than 625 PPM are easy to follow, so you can be confident you’re using it correctly. Get your hands on Q.A. Concentrated Solution now and make cleaning simpler!

Household Measure Mixing Instructions for Disinfectant (>625 PPM)
1 Teaspoon of Q.A. Concentrate in 26 fluid ounces = 641 PPM
0.5 Tablespoon of Q.A. Concentrate in 32 fluid ounces = 781 PPM
1 Tablespoon of Q.A. Concentrate in 64 fluid ounces (half gallon) = 781 PPM
2 Tablespoons of Q.A. Concentrate in 128 fluid ounces (1 gallon) = 781 PPM

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